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The Scottsdale Art Walk

The Scottsdale Art Walk is one of the famous Scottsdale art galleries in Arizona today. Scottsdale is a city flourishing with lots of art and culture. It is a city that has captured the imagination of the art world for years and the over 100 art galleries present in the city point out to this fact. The essence of art and culture is captured in not only galleries but museums and a public art program which nurtures and advances artistic works. Art is further reflected in spaces and opportunities for performing arts, visual arts, the development of art associations and art tours which enrich you with knowledge about art and culture. This art is in form of music, paintings, sculptures, historical collections and much more.

The Scottsdale art walk & Altamira Art is a place laden with history and tradition for 40 years. It is a cultural cocktail that will mesmerize and enlighten you on various aspects of history. The Art walk experiences includes walking into the galleries which are of interest to you and sampling the best history has to offer. This is a great opportunity for you and your family to take a journey through America’s and the world’s rich history. The Art Walk is an opportunity to be immersed and engaged with history at a detailed and robust level. Every Thursday evening, it is an opportunity to find out about outstanding artists like Fritz Scholder who did revolutionary and expressionist paintings which were about ancient Egypt, Indian themes and mystery themes. It is not just the artists that you are going to explore but different varieties of artistic styles. From contemporary art to traditional Western pieces, seminal Russian art and Southwest landscapes. This is an enlightening as it opens your windows to the world to see what it looks like through the impression of art.

The Scottsdale Art Walk does not just keep you culturally informed but also a fun experience. There are restaurants that you can dine in before you proceed to check out what is in store and even in the process of touring the galleries you can have a bite and eat to your fill. There is an incentive when you visit the art walk. There is plenty of free parking. You can enjoy the best of nature as there are bubbling fountains and tree covered courtyards. There are unique statues which provide a great opportunity for photos. You can have yourselves thrilled by trolley rides and horse drawn carriages which go beyond what you had expected in the richly art environment. There are special events held with special themes and live music to keep the audiences entertained. You can take out the whole family and the kids will not be bored by their day out in the Art Walk.

There are a number of Scottsdale art galleries in the art walk like the Altamira Fine Art displays and sells Western contemporary art and this art gallery specializes in the works of Fritz Scholder. For a cultural taste of international art works, the Gallery Russia specializes in fine quality museum works from Soviet Union. The historical paintings from the Soviet Era exude art. The Xanadu Gallery is known for quality contemporary art. It is a collector’s paradise with collections from builders and designers. The Main one of the Scottsdale art galleries has western themed art work and cocktail of genres featuring landscape, figurative and still life work.

Picture of the Art Walk in Scottsdale

The Scottsdale Art Walk is known as America’s original artwork, which began in 1975. This year is the 41st anniversary of the legendary art work. It is open every week on Thursdays except on Thanksgiving. All members of the distinguished Scottsdale Gallery Association open their doors to the public and show off some of the most popular art works not only in the West but globally. This is the place to visit in Arizona when you visit the state. Locals are also urged to come in droves and learn a thing or two about their history and sample the finest art. Tourists will be educated and be inspired by work from world renown painters, artists and designers. Get to know the names of art gurus and be informed, be cosmopolitan and expand your knowledge by learning about history and art.